How to Send Pathological Specimens?

Dr. Md. Sadequel Islam Talukder
MBBS; M. Phil (Pathology)

Assistant Professor of Pathology

Mymensingh Medical College





Throat swab

Bone Marrow

Pap smear


Effusion fluid

Skin scrapping


Cytological Specimen





Blood sample may be three types:
  1. Venous Blood
  2.  Arterial Blood
  3.  Capillary Blood  

Venous Blood:     

Whole Blood: Whole blood is collected in different ways for the purpose of different investigations. These are:   a)    Whole blood anticoagulated with dry anticoagulant – used for cell count, film examination, urea, glucose, ammonia, pH etc. b)    Whole blood anticoagulated with liquid anticoagulant – ESR. c)     Whole blood anticoagulated with heparin - used in determination of osmotic fragility and HLA typing. d)    Whole blood anticoagulated by dilution – used for blood culture.       



Capillary Blood:    


Timed Urine Collection:    



Throat swab:       

Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF):     

Effusion Fluid:                                                                                                                                                                                                 Contents

Effusion fluids are:      1.    Ascitic fluid 2.    Pleural fluid 3.    Pericardial fluid 4.    Synovial fluid 5.    Hydrocele fluid 6.    Aspirates from cyst etc. ·       

Bone marrow:        

Skin Scrapping: ·       

Pap’s smear: ·       

Cytological Specimen: -       

These specimens are generally sent for malignant cells. -       

After removal from the body the cells will degenerate in 6-8 hours. Degeneration must be prevented by following steps:

A Model Request forms:

Department of Pathology Histopathology Section Mymensingh Medical College, Mymensingh

Requisition Form

  1. Patient’s Name: Mr. Kala Chand
  2. Age: 40 yrs    
  3. Sex: Male                                                      
  4. Reg. No: 12345/03    
  5. Ward: 36                                                       Bed: 40     Cabin:                                                           Unit: SU-VI    
  6. Date of Admission: 12/3/02                              Date of Operation: 14/3/02 2.
  7. Clinical History:

a)    Epigastric pain and vomiting - 4 months
b)    Swelling of left supraclavicular region - 15 days

8. Report of relevant investigations:

      a)    Filling defect in stomach in Ba-meal X-ray
    b)    High ESR 4. LPM (if female):

9. Provisional clinical diagnosis: carcinoma of stomach with metastasis to left supraclavicular lymph node

10. Operation note: There was adhesion of lymph node to perinodal tissue

11. Name of specimen: Left supraclavicular lymph node (Incision biopsy)

12. Fixative: 10% Formalin

13. Date: 14/3/02

14. Requested by Dr. Surza Kanta MBBS Assistant Registrar SU-VI


Last updated on: June 25, 2004     

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